Our Happy Clients About Us

Maisee Sayaovang-FNP

" IHCare EHR has provided a useful program to document and organize patient information. It assists providers in monitoring and updating comorbidities, medications, and diagnostic tests to keep patient information current. IHCare her also provides alerts that ensure patient care is meeting necessary standards of health care. It has helped streamline practice and provide more in-depth patient care and continuity."

Annika Collins, ANP
Maisee Sayaovang-FNP

" I find using Instant Charts easy to use and increases productivity because it is user-friendly. Providers such as, myself does not need a tremendous amount of time finding what I need. It's very well laid out and organized. For instance, finding lab resultsand consultation reports are made easy. What I like best about Instant Charts is that it decreases the chances of providers inmaking medication errors because of its ability to detect drug-drug interactions compare to paper charting. I feel more comfortable in ordering medications when using Instant Charts. It also saves time so I can focus on what's important, my patients."

Maisee Sayaovang, FNP