Instant Health Care provides online medical billing services for practitioners in multiple specialties across the country. Our software displays outstanding user-friendliness, and an intuitive workflow, showing a deep understanding of the needs of the users. We submit claims to the insurance companies electronically and process claims within 24 hours of receipt. We provide services that include accounts receivable management, medical coding review and assistance, and physician credentialing services.


Patient Health Records

This unique platform empowers you and your patients to securely gather, manage, share and store health information, irrespective of time and/or geographical barriers. IHC's personal health record provides more than just simple health history.


Instant Health Care patient appointments software is a powerful and easy-to-use appointment scheduler. Designed to allow staff to manage schedules efficiency and effectively with using color coded calendar. Allow patients to book appointments from your website and patient portal.

Patient Encounters

IHC’s Encounter enables you to effectively maintain patient visits data storing their data categorically thus giving you more office space. It’s fully integrated with our Web-based EHR 2.0 allowing a seamless transition from manual recording on paper, to our highly efficient and time effective online platform.

Lab Interfacing

Get rid of paperwork and decrease staff time massively, with our unique lab connectivity service. We link you directly, through a secure platform with any lab you want. This eliminates the aggravating process of report management thus giving you and your staff more time to focus on other urgent tasks.

Secure Messaging

Now you can communicate with your patients via Instant Health Care secure messaging feature with attachments with the HIPAA compliant encrypted secure messaging platform.

Specialty Modules

With different specialty specific EHR modules including modules for Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, OB/GYN, and Pediatrics.


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